Express Yourself

Music. Writing. Film. Photography. Share stories of our communities and ourselves through art.

How we Rise Up!

Through art workshops, icebreakers, and mentoring, “Rise Up!” promotes interaction between local college students and SEACA participants in order to encourage a “college-going” culture in the organization.

Each year, youth are invited to the Claremont Colleges on an overnight retreat for college tours and/or extended community building. Whether students have been in other SEACA programs or are members for the first time, this program encourages students of all experiences to meet new people, develop teamwork skills, and learn about their communities.

In collaboration with the Asian American Resource Center (AARC) at Pomona College, “Rise Up!” was launched in 2009 by Claremont College students who wanted to work with youth in the community and encourage self-expression through various mediums of art.

While the first semester of “Rise Up!” was based on a creative writing curriculum, the second full year of the program focused on telling stories through video production. Most recently, SEACA students painted a three-panel mural to depict old Chinatown, present Chinatown, and their hope and vision for the future of Chinatown. This mural is currently hanging in the SEACA office.

Join us Fridays from 4-6pm at the SEACA Office!