Southeast Asian Community Alliance
SEACA creates spaces for new forms of leadership to emerge. We support the development of our community members to create new and culturally relevant solutions to deep-rooted social, economic, and racial justice issues impacting the Southeast Asian community in Chinatown, Los Angeles. We began as a youth leadership program and over the years have expanded our programs to include youth organizing, education, advocacy, health, and community building through food and gardening.
Youth Leadership Project

The Youth Leadership Project (YLP) is the heart of SEACA’s programming and relationship with the community. Through workshops on political education as well as topics responsive to the conditions of members’ lives, the program’s goals are to:

  • Foster social consciousness among low-income youth of color
  • Train youth in leadership skills as a foundation for youth organizing in their current and future communities
  • Foster a strong sense of self among members by validating their experiences and ideas
  • Provide a safe space for members to meet and hang out
  • Work with other communities to advance a comprehensive vision of social, economic and racial justice
Youth Organizer

Youth Organizers (YO’s) drive positive change in their communities by turning ideas into action.

Youth Organizers take on more responsibility and play a larger role in the decision-making process throughout SEACA’s campaigns.

Youth members can gain greater levels of leadership in the organization by becoming a youth organizer. As youth organizers, students deepen their leadership skills through workshops and YO retreats to discuss topics such as facilitating, cycles of oppression, power analysis, and campaign development. SEACA staff continue to emphasize relationship and community building among the YOs.

Policy Advocacy & Systems Change
Most often, large-scale decisions in our neighborhoods, schools and health care settings are made without community insight. Advocacy is empowering community members to influence existing power structures including government institutions that create public policy and allocate public resources. Our work aim to promote affordable housing, equitable/sustainable development, and climate resilience.

Address 970 N Broadway, Suite #209 Los Angeles, Ca 90012
Phone (213) 628-8667