Activating Indigenous Land in Chinatown

Join SEACA this Sunday October 13th from 9am-3pm at the Ceanothus L.A. Flower Festival & Parade located at the top (north-east) end of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, known as the Anabolic monument/garden. Hosted by our community partner, Everything is Medicine, we’ll be activating, reclaiming, and creating a space accessible and compassionate to our community, indigenous traditions, and the surrounding environment. Various workshops and participants include Southern California Native Basket Weavers, the Tongva & Alaska Tlingit Storytellers, Traditional Japanese Flute & Drum, Brazilian Drums/Dance Ensemble, mask & puppet-making, to mud pits & solar showers. Come, learn, and get involved. Check out this quick video of students during YLP, getting ready for the Ceanothus L.A. Parade & Festival.

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