Starting February 15th, the LA State Historic Park (aka the Cornfields Park) will be closed for a year while the park undergoes an $18 million renovation.Despite widespread community opposition, Park officials are continuing to move forward with plans to include an amphitheater that will serve as a permanent concert venue for the Park.
While concerts and other private events provide much-needed revenue, the State Department of Parks has been unable to address major community concerns. Among them are the violation of environmental and noise pollution standards as well as the drug use that occurs during the concerts, one of which led to the death of a young concert goer.
SEACA and our neighbors in Solano Canyon are continuing to monitor the renovations and pushing to ensure that the LA State Historic Park remains a park first and foremost and is true to the mission and vision of the Department of Parks to “…strive for a future in which Californians are healthier in mind, body, and spirit through discovering, enjoying, and learning about California’s extraordinary parklands and diverse heritage.”
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