Surveying Chinatown

A lot of the work at SEACA is to learn more about our community in order to better advocate for it’s needs. Though we often turn to the Census and other public data sources, sometimes it just isn’t enough.For the past 6 years, with the help of SEACA board member (and researcher extraordinaire) Cevadne Lee, we’ve been collecting our own data. Key things we’ve found:

  • 29% of working adults walk to work
  • 48% of adults struggle to pay for transportation
  • 21% of residents love the central location

The data that we’ve been collecting helps us to better meet the needs and priorities of the residents and small businesses that are the heart of our communities, whether it is to fight for more affordable housing for extremely low-income families for better jobs for immigrant families.While we’re off to a great start, there’s still lots more data to collect! We still need more resident surveys in Lincoln Heights and to finish collecting the small business surveys for Chinatown and can use all the help we can get. If you or someone you know speaks: Cantonese, Toisanese, Khmer, Vietnamese, or Spanish, please contact us at

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