LA Times Calls SEACA’s work “A Model for LA”

SEACA’s work on the Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan (CASP) was recently called “A model for LA” in an LA Times Op-ed on the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles. This is the second time the Editorial Board referred to CASP as a model. It had some great ideas on how to not only prioritize the affordable housing issue in LA, but ways that the city can go about fixing LA’s housing crisis.
“Failing to address the city’s housing shortage only creates more problems, such as overcrowding in existing units, traffic and air pollution from commuters.”

One such strategy was to adopt measures found in CASP. CASP was groundbreaking in many ways and only highlights our values here at SEACA, community involvement, youth empowerment, affordable housing and how they can intersect into creating healthy, vibrant, communities. As the LA times put it, our approach to community building, “…is now a model for how L.A. can spur more affordable housing.”

Click here for the link to the full editorial.

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