A New Web of Connection

The month of September is not only a time for Earth, Wind, and Fire fans to play their song fanatically, but it also is a time when a new batch of cohorts are invited to the SEACA open house.

After weeks of planning, recruiting in classrooms, and doing turnout calls, the Youth Organizers (YO) got to see the fruit of their labors on the day of the Open House. New potential youth leadership participants (YLP) were welcomed with open arms and with the smell of great food in the air.

The activities planned were relationship building games which started off with the money game, and ended with the web of connections. Up to 50 new youth were squeezed into SEACA’s small space but that did not stop them from having fun and learning about each other through these activities.

Every year and continuously throughout the year, SEACA welcomes new youth to participate in activities that will build relationships amongst themselves and amongst the community. We are excited to continue to build with the youth and show them more about what SEACA is all about.

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