A Día at SEACA

We are really big fans of hands on learning at SEACA. Especially when large amounts of sugar are involved.

Yes you can eat them…we wouldn’t suggest it though.

The students involved in the Youth Leadership Project were in for a treat this week when SEACA honored Dia de Los Muertos a few days early. In what has by far been our largest turnout this semester, the youth went hands on to decorate their very own sugar skulls.

The day began with a visual tour of different ceremonies practiced around the world that honor the dead. From the Hungry Ghost Festival in China, the Oban Festival in Japan, and even a quick stop to Bolivia and it’s Dia de los Ñatitas, the students had a chance to share their own knowledge of and personal connections to these various traditions.

Having been taught directly by artisans from Puebla, Mexico our very own Jorge, our new YLP Facilitator, taught us the ins and outs of Dia de Los Muertos. He walked the students through the traditions of and gave us a step by step demonstration in art of Sugar Skull making. After which the students each had a chance at making and decorating their own sugar skulls. We at SEACA always love mixing some cultural empowerment with fun, and the students definitely had a sweet time this week.

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