Bingo! Seaca Won New YLP Members

This year our Youth Organizers (YO) worked creatively to develop new games and activities to welcome the new Youth Leadership Project (YLP) members into the space. After spending a couple weeks preparing for open house, recruiting new members, and doing turnout calls. Our YO’s were finally able to see their hard work pay off at our annual Open House.

YO’s opened up the space by building community through a game of People Bingo where everyone was able to meet new people and learn about each other; some even won prizes! Each year our new members begin building relationship through these fun and creative games that other youth facilitate.

The excitement grew more serious when we transitioned into an activity known as “The Privilege Walk.” As they all stood in a line anticipating the statements that revolved around privileges based on gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality to be called out, each took a step forward or backward based on how they identify. This activity allowed them to realize the diversity of privileges and struggles we all come from and how we can use them in community work. Although some youth looked uncomfortable responding to the more sensitive statements, they were willing to open up and be vulnerable in the space. During debrief, new members were able to share out that the activity was interesting and eye-opening. This was just a taster of what SEACA has to offer in YLP. We look forward to continue building with our new youth!

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