Halloween @ SEACA

Halloween can be a fun opportunity to play dress up and be something other than what you are everyday.

However, it wouldn’t be a SEACA Halloween if we didn’t connect it back to the work that we do at SEACA everyday!

During a super special session, we challenged our youth to develop superhero identities to fight discrimination, transphobia, homophobia, patriarchy, racism, and police brutality. The workshop was an action packed adventure where our students were able to dive right into battling these complex topics. After splitting into teams, they enthusiastically raced for all the materials, brainstormed ideas, and quickly developed masks, capes, shields, and props with a purpose to tackle their assigned topic.

Each team creatively constructed costumes with functions that included shielding/reflecting police brutality; decorative capes that displayed diversity and words that battle racism; and rainbow mask and attire that reminds people to accept and love everyone no matter how they identify. We concluded our workshop with a superhero runway display where the students were able to describe specific functions of their costumes and how their superhero tackles the issue they were combating.

Although superheroes may be fictional, our youth were really able to bring their creations to life and become real life social justice fighters.

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