Reach for the Sky- Camping Retreat

At SEACA, the end of the year usually means transitions for our Youth Leadership Project (YLP) participants into becoming Youth Organizers (YO) next semester. This year they were able to wrap-up the year at an exciting & informative camping retreat hosted by Community Nature Connection. Through this overnight stay in the secluded hills of Puerco Canyon our youth were not only able to learn about the Chumash, edible/ medicinal plants, and basic survival skills; but also acquired the knowledge of what it means to become a Youth Organizer, bond as a cohort, and support one another through team building. For most, this was their first time camping with minimal to no electronics. On the first night they even went on a solo hike with no use of any light source aside from the moon where they learned that humans have natural night vision! Additionally, they worked on developing collective power through a theater activity based on identifying different assets that people have and coming together to do community work. We ended our retreat at a Malibu Coastal Access Point and had a splash at the beach.

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