Chinatown Scavenger Hunt

“No history, no self. Know history, know self.” -interpretation of Dr. Rizal

After chasing clues for a piece of Chinatown history, our youth discussed the changes they saw in Chinatown. Native to the area, one of our youths mentioned, “You never know when you are going to miss something until you lose it,” referring to the historic hospital that just closed, and the old shops that they used to pass by every day, now replaced with pricey restaurants that their families can no longer afford. Another youth described the new galleries on Chung King Road as “a creepy vintage looking alley with art.” Although she lived in Chinatown all her life, she expressed never seeing this part of Chinatown before.

By digging deeper into the history of Chinatown and its surrounding neighborhoods, our youth observed that minorities are constantly disadvantaged in Los Angeles. From the Chinese massacre of 1871 to the displacement of Old Chinatown to New Chinatown, the history of Chavez Ravine, and the policies of racial segregation, SEACA youth were able to connect the past to the present forces of gentrification and displacement. At the end of the session, our youth were empowered to take action and prevent history from repeating itself!

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